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 New,Evangelical Worship: An American Mosaic

  • Author: Ross, Melanie



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  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: The Significance of Evangelical Worship
  • Part I: Constancy versus Change
  • Chapter 1: My Worship Has Been Hijacked: Forty Years of Worship Wars
  • Chapter 2: Stately and Set Apart: Upholding Tradition in Boston
  • Chapter 3: Suddenly We're in a Different Era: Navigating Transition in Chicago
  • Chapter 4: Something Better Has Come Along: Championing Innovation in Atlanta
  • Part II: Consensus versus Contestation
  • Chapter 5: How Can We Catch Fire?: Prophecy and Activism in the Vineyard
  • Chapter 6: You Can't Make Me Sing: Resisting Authority in Portland
  • Chapter 7: Not to Sing is to Disobey: Submitting to Paradox in Nashville
  • Part III: Sameness versus Difference
  • Chapter 8: One Voice in Many Languages: Pentecostal Praises in the American Southwest
  • Chapter 9: Navigating the Beautiful Tension: New Frontiers in Evangelical Worship
  • Appendix A: Research Methods
  • Appendix B: Demographic Information
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Index