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Music and Jewish Culture in Early Modern Italy: New Perspectives

 New,Music and Jewish Culture in Early Modern Italy: New Perspectives

  • Editor: Bowring, Lynette
  • Editor: Cypess, Rebecca
  • Editor: Malamut, Liza



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  • List of Figures
  • List of Musical Examples
  • List of Tables
  • Editorial Principles
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction, by Rebecca Cypess
  • 1. Written in Italian, Heard as Jewish: Reconsidering the Notated Sources of Italian Jewish Music , by Francesco Spagnolo
  • 2. Miriam's Timbrel: The Decameron as Exodus, by Eleonora M. Beck
  • 3. Traces of Jewish Music and Culture at the Urbino Court of Federico da Montefeltro , by J. Drew Stephen
  • 4. The Peripatetic Career of a Converted Jew: The Music Theorist Pietro Aaron , by Bonnie J. Blackburn
  • 5. A Fire, a Fight, and a Knight: Elye Bokher in Verse and Song , by Avery Gosfield
  • 6. The Bassanos at the Court of Henry VIII: A Story of Cooperation and Protection , by Dongmyung Ahn
  • 7. Jewish and Converted Musicians and Musical Instruments Makers in Southern Italy in the Fifteenth through Early Seventeenth Centuries, by Luigi Sisto
  • 8. Salamone Rossi's Songs of Solomon: The Pleasures and Pains of Marginality, by Stefano Patuzzi
  • 9. Orality and Literacy in the Worlds of Salamone Rossi , by Rebecca Cypess and Lynette Bowring
  • 10. L'Accademia degli Impediti: A Reevaluation , by Liza Malamut
  • Bibliography: Manuscript Sources
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