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Song Beyond the Nation: Translation, Transnationalism, Performance

  • Editor: Bullock, Philip Ross
  • Editor: Tunbridge, Laura



Usually despatched in 5 - 7 working days


  • Philip Ross Bullock and Laura Tunbridge: 'L'invitation au voyage'
  • 1 Natasha Loges: Hafiz between Nations: Song Settings by Daumer/Brahms and Peacock/Beamish
  • 2 Stephen Downes: Szymanowski, a Hafiz 'Grablied', and the 'translation' of Nietzsche
  • 3 Philip Ross Bullock: The German Roots of Russian Orientalism: Hafiz's Poetry in Early Twentieth-Century Russian Song
  • 4 Suzannah Clark: Traces of Tourism and Transnationalism in Liszt's Heine Settings
  • 5 Benjamin Binder: Performance Matters in Heine: The Case of Pauline Viardot's 'Das ist ein schlechtes Wetter'
  • 6 Laura Tunbridge: 'Once again...speaking of' Heine, in Song
  • 7 Peter Dayan: Why song in Verlaine's Verse is Always Already Beyond the Nation
  • 8 David Evans: French Impressions: The Transnational Afterlives of Verlaine's 'La Lune blanche' in Song
  • 9 Carlo Caballero: Paul Verlaine in Parallel: Loeffler, Faure, Debussy
  • 10 Helen Abbott: Song Just Beyond the Nation, or Debussy via Verlaine
  • 11 Jennifer Ronyak: Johanna Muller-Hermann's Lied der Erinnerung: Austria, America, and Beyond
  • 12 Lawrence Kramer: The Emigre Walt Whitman: Songs of Mourning, 1943-48
  • 13 Elizabeth Helsinger: A Song, the Sea, and a Listening Boy: Whitman - Swinburne - Delius
  • 14 Emma Sutton: Whitman and Stevenson: Singing the Nation from Scotland to Samoa via Ohio and Hawai'i
  • AfterwordTerrence Cave: