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 Pre-order,The Songs of Fanny Hensel

  • Editor: Rodgers, Stephen



Due for release on 18th Mar 2021

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  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Stephen Rodgers
  • Part I: Nature and Travel
  • Chapter 2: The Wilderness at Home: Woods-Romanticism in Fanny Hensel's Eichendorff Songs
  • Amanda Lalonde
  • Chapter 3: Waldszenen and Abendbilder: Fanny Hensel, Nikolaus Lenau, and the Nature of Melancholy
  • Scott Burnham
  • Chapter 4: Songs of Travel: Fanny Hensel's Wanderings
  • Susan Wollenberg
  • Part II: Settings of English Verse
  • Chapter 5: Women's Private Cosmopolitanism in Literary Translation and Song: Fanny Hensel's Drei Lieder nach Heinrich Heine von Mary Alexander
  • Jennifer Ronyak
  • Chapter 6: In this elusive language: A Byron Song by Fanny Hensel
  • Susan Youens
  • Part III: Tonal Ingenuity
  • Chapter 7: You too may change: Tonal Pairing of the Tonic and Subdominant in Two Songs by Fanny Hensel
  • Tyler Osborne
  • Chapter 8: Plagal Cadences in Fanny Hensel's Songs
  • Stephen Rodgers
  • Part IV: Responses to Poetic Form
  • Chapter 9: Working with Words: Revisions of Declamation in Fanny Hensel's Song Autographs
  • Harald Krebs
  • Chapter 10: Modulating Couplets in Fanny Hensel's Songs
  • Yonatan Malin
  • Part V: Beyond Song/Beyond Hensel
  • Chapter 11: Reading Poetry Through Music: Fanny Hensel and Others
  • Jurgen Thym
  • Chapter 12: Fanny Hensel's Lieder (ohne Worte) and the Boundaries of Song: The Curious Case of the Lied in D flat major, Op. 8, No. 3
  • R. Larry Todd
  • Bibliography
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