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The Musical Gift: Sonic Generosity in Post-War Sri Lanka

  • Author: Sykes, Jim



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  • Preface & Acknowledgements
  • Note on Transliteration
  • Supplementary Materials
  • Part One: Finding Musical Gifts
  • Introduction: For a Musicology of Karma and Reincarnation
  • Chapter One: Sonic Generosity: Beyond Secularism and Conflict in Music Studies
  • Part Two: Musical Giving as Protection and Destruction
  • Checkpoint: Musical Gifts and the Movement of Ghosts
  • Chapter Two: Berava Secrecy and the Hoarding of Musical Gifts
  • Chapter Three: Sri Lankan Tamil Musical Giving: An Introduction
  • Chapter Four: The Cartography of Culture Zones: Social Relations and the Conversion of Sonic Money
  • Part Three: The Discursive Erasure of Musical Giving
  • Chapter Five: Beyond the Musicology of Disaster: War, Tsunami, Post-War
  • Checkpoint: The Malays Who Sing in Six Languages
  • Chapter Six: The Island Space: Music, Buddhism, and the Sinhalas
  • Part Four: Rediscovering Musical Giving
  • Checkpoint: Re-Connecting Sinhala and Tamil Musical Cultures
  • Conclusion: The Regulation of Happiness in Post-War Sri Lanka
  • References