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Listening to Bach: The Mass in B Minor and the Christmas Oratorio

  • Author: Melamed, Daniel R.
Melamed is sensible and tolerant in detailing the wide diversity of present-day Bach performance practice. The message is that there is no one way of listening to Bach, but awareness of musical... More…



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  • List of Tables
  • List of Audio Examples
  • Preface: Listening to Bach
  • Part I: The Mass in B Minor BWV 232
  • 1. Performing the Mass in B Minor in an Age of Choices
  • 2. Listening to Parody in the Mass in B Minor
  • 3. The Musical Topic of the Mass in B Minor
  • Part II: The Christmas Oratorio BWV 248
  • 4. Parody and its Consequences in the Christmas Oratorio
  • 5. Listening to the Christmas Oratorio with a Calendar
  • 6. The Christmas Oratorio in the Shadow of Bach's Passions
  • Epilogue: How to Listen to Bach
  • Appendix: Tables
  • Suggestions for Further Reading and Listening
  • Index