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The Philosophy of Rhythm: Aesthetics, Music, Poetics

 New,The Philosophy of Rhythm: Aesthetics, Music, Poetics

  • Editor: Cheyne, Peter
  • Editor: Hamilton, Andy
  • Editor: Paddison, Max



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  • List of Illustrations
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Movement and Stasis
  • 1. Dialogue on Rhythm: Entrainment and the Dynamic Thesis
  • 2. Rhythm and Movement
  • 3. The Ontology of Rhythm
  • 4. 'Feeling the Beat': Multimodal Perception and the Experience of Musical Movement
  • 5. Dance Rhythm
  • Part II. Emotion and Expression
  • 6. The Life of Rhythm: Dewey, Relational Perception, and the 'Cumulative Effect'
  • 7. Rhythm, Preceding its Abstraction
  • 8. Mozart's 'Dissonance' and the Dialectic of Language and Thought in Classical Theories of Rhythm
  • 9. Rhythm and Popular Music
  • 10. Rhythms, Resemblance, and Musical Expressiveness
  • Part III: Entrainment and the Social Dimension
  • 11. Metric Entrainment and the Problem(s) of Perception
  • 12. Entrainment and the Social Origins of Musical Rhythm
  • 14. Temporal Processing and the Experience of Rhythm: A Neuro-psychological Approach
  • Part IV. Time and Experience: Subjective and Objective Rhythm
  • 15. Complexity and Passage: Experimenting with Poetic Rhythm
  • 16. Encoded and Embodied Rhythm: An Unprioritized Ontology
  • 17. Time, Duration, Rhythm: The Aesthetics of Temporality in Bachelard and Deliege
  • 18. Husserl's Model of Time-Consciousness, and the Phenomenology of Rhythm
  • 19. Pictorial Experience and the Perception of Rhythm
  • 20. Soundless Rhythm
  • Part V. Reading Rhythm
  • 21. Hearing it Right: Rhythm and Reading
  • 22. The Not-so-silent Reading: What Does it Mean to Say that we Appreciate Rhythm in Literature?
  • 23. Leaving it Out: Rhythm and Short Form in the Modernist Poetic Tradition
  • 24. Rhythm, Meter, and the Poetics of Abstraction