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Studies in English Church Music, 1550-1900

Studies in English Church Music, 1550-1900

  • Author: Temperley, Nicholas
a model of scholarship that is at once focused and synoptic... it is good to have these essays [...] available between two covers. Written between 1972 and 2006, they demonstrate just how tenacious... More…



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  • Contents: Introduction
  • Part 1 Vernacular Church Music: 'If any of you be mery let him sing psalms': the culture of psalms in church and home
  • Middleburg psalms
  • John Playford and the metrical psalms
  • The old way of singing: its origins and development
  • The Anglican communion hymn
  • The origins of the fuging tune. Part 2 Artistic Church Music: Organs in English parish churches, 1660-1830
  • Organ music in parish churches, 1660-1730
  • Croft and the charity hymn
  • The hymn books of the Foundling and Magdalen Hospital chapels
  • The Lock Hospital chapel and its music
  • Jonathan Gray and church music in York, 1770-1840
  • Organ settings of English psalm tunes
  • Ancient and modern in the work of Sir John Stainer
  • Addenda and corrigenda
  • Index.