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The Mindful Musician

Mental Skills for Peak Performance

  • Author: Cornett, Vanessa
While The Mindful Musician will be particularly helpful to readers who struggle with self-defeating behaviors, negative self-talk, or difficulty focusing during performance, its ideas and insights... More…



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  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • About the Companion Website
  • Chapter 1: The Mindful Musician
  • Chapter 2 Habits of Successful Performers
  • Chapter 3 Music and the Mind: Performance Anxiety and Other Challenges
  • Chapter 4 Mindful Performance Psychology
  • Chapter 5 The Art of Mindful Breathing and Relaxation
  • Chapter 6 Imagery for Peak Performance
  • Chapter 7 Mindfulness Practice and Meditation for Musicians
  • Chapter 8 The Mindful Achiever: Practical Applications for Long-Term Success
  • Chapter 9 The Mindful Visionary: More Practical Applications for Long-Term Success
  • References