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Beethoven's Century: Essays on Composers and Themes

Beethoven's Century: Essays on Composers and Themes

  • Author: MacDonald, Hugh
Macdonald's curiosity is boundless. . . and he satisfies it with unfailing scholarship and wit. . . . He gives the most thorough account yet of Hugo Wolf's complicated critical attitude to Wagner... More…



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  • Beethoven's Game of Cat and Mouse
  • Schubert's Pendulum
  • Paganini, Mendelssohn and Turner in Scotland
  • Berlioz and Schumann
  • Alkan's Instruments
  • Liszt the Conductor
  • Wolf's Adulation of Wagner in the Vienna Press
  • Massenet's Craftsmanship
  • Skryabin's Conquest of Time
  • Janacek's Narratives
  • Raise Your Glass to French Music!
  • Comic Opera
  • Repeats
  • "G-flat Major, 9/8 Meter"
  • The Musicians' Arrondissement
  • Les Anglais
  • Dr. Mephistopheles
  • The Prose Libretto
  • 'Un pays ou tous sont musiciens...'
  • Modernisms that Failed