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 New,The Oxford Handbook of Music Listening in the 19th and 20th Centuries

  • Editor: Thorau, Christian
  • Editor: Ziemer, Hansjakob



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  • The Art of Listening and Its Histories: An Introduction
  • Christian Thorau and Hansjakob Ziemer
  • Section I: Listening Behaviors and Emotions
  • 1. Who Cares if you Listen? Researching Audience Behavior(s) in Nineteenth-Century Paris
  • Katharine Ellis
  • 2. The Well-Mannered Auditor: Zones of Attention and the Imposition of Silence in the Salon of the Nineteenth Century
  • James Deaville
  • 3. The Problem of Eclectic Listening in French and German Concerts, 1860-1910
  • William Weber
  • 4. The Crisis of Listening in Interwar Germany
  • Hansjakob Ziemer
  • 5. Listening as a Practice of Everyday Life: The Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and Its Audiences in the Second World War
  • Neil Gregor
  • Section II: Listening Ideologies and Instructions
  • 6. Turning Liebhaber into Kenner: Forkel's Lectures on the Art of Listening,
  • c. 1780-1785
  • Mark Evan Bonds
  • 7. Designated Attention: The Transformation of Music Announcements in Leipzig's Concert Life, 1781-1850
  • Anselma Lanzendorfer
  • 8. Concert Listening the British Way?: Program Notes and Victorian Culture
  • Christina Bashford
  • 9. What ought to be heard: Touristic Listening and the Guided Ear
  • Christian Thorau
  • Section III: Listening Spaces and Encounters
  • 10. Architectural Acoustics and the Trained Ear in the Arts: A Journey from 1780 to 1830
  • Viktoria Tkaczyk and Stefan Weinzierl
  • 11. Amateurs and Auditors: Listening to the British Musical Festival, 1810-1835
  • Charles Edward McGuire
  • 12. The Intimate Art of Listening:
  • Music in the Private Sphere during the Nineteenth Century
  • Wolfgang Fuhrmann
  • 13. Symmetries in Spaces, Symmetries in Listening: Musical Theater Buildings in Europe around 1900
  • Gesa zur Nieden
  • 14. Music in the Air-Listening in the Streets: Popular Music and Urban Listening Habits in Berlin around 1900
  • Daniel Morat
  • Section IV: Listening and Technologies
  • 15. From the Music-Telegraph to the Opera-Telephone-Listening to Music in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
  • Sonja Neumann
  • 16. First Re-Creations: Psychology, Phonographs, and New Cultures of Listening at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century
  • Alexandra Hui
  • 17. Between Personal Experience and Public Discourse: Reproduced Music and the Politics of Listening in the Twentieth Century
  • Axel Volmar
  • Section V: Towards an Art of Listening of the Twenty-First Century
  • 18. Capturing the Landscape Within: On Writing the History of Experience
  • James H. Johnson
  • 19. Listening and Possessing
  • Fred Maus
  • 20. Is Listening to Music an Art-or Not?
  • Wolfgang Gratzer
  • 21. Performer or listener, everybody in the concert hall should be devoted entirely to the music: On the Actuality of Not Listening to Music in Symphonic Concerts
  • Christiane Tewinkel