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 New,Adapting The Wizard of Oz

Musical Versions from Baum to MGM and Beyond

  • Editor: Birkett, Danielle
  • Editor: McHugh, Dominic



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  • Introduction: Rainbow Reflections: The Wizard of Oz as a Musical
  • Danielle Birkett and Dominic McHugh
  • Chapter 1: Starring Montgomery and Stone!: The Wizard of Oz Musical Extravaganza (1902) and the Birth of a Brand
  • Jonas Westover
  • Chapter 2: The Road to Oz: From Book to Movie Musical
  • Benjamin Sears
  • Chapter 3: Arlen and Harburg and More, Oh My!: The Cumulative Creation of the Oz Songs
  • Laura Lynn Broadhurst
  • Chapter 4: Sounds Must Stir the Fantasy: Underscore as Special Effect in The Wizard of Oz (1939)
  • Nathan Platte
  • Chapter 5: Dancing through Oz: Choreographic context in The Wizard of Oz
  • Claudia Funder
  • Chapter 6: The Merry Old Land of Oz?: MGM's Concerns and the Shifting Reception History
  • Danielle Birkett
  • Chapter 7: Friends of Dorothy: Queerness in and Beyond the Film
  • Hannah Robbins
  • Chapter 8: We're Not in Kansas Any More: Three Stage Adaptations of the MGM Film
  • Dominic McHugh
  • Chapter 9: Ease on Down the Road: Black Routes and the Soul of The Wiz
  • Ryan Bunch
  • Chapter 10: The Wizard of Oz and Wicked: Resonances, Legal Issues, and the Appropriation of a Classic
  • Paul Laird
  • Chapter 11: Beyond the Rainbow: Afterlives of the Songs from The Wizard of Oz (1939)
  • Walter Frisch
  • Appendix 1: All Things Oz
  • Bibliography
  • Index