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Sorabji: A Critical Celebration

Sorabji: A Critical Celebration

  • Editor: Rapoport, Paul
A Critical Celebration looms as one of those rare and gratifying instances in which the scholarly ideal is triumphantly achieved: important, necessary work - much of it basic spadework - has... More…



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  • Contents: List of Illustrations
  • Part One, Discovery
  • Why Sorabji?, Paul Rapoport
  • Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji: An Introduction, Alistair Hinton
  • Sorabji: A Continuation, Paul Rapoport
  • A Few Recollections and Ruminations, Frank Holliday
  • "Could you just send me a list of his works?" Paul Rapoport
  • Part Two, The Prose
  • Sorabji's Letters to Heseltine, Kenneth Derus
  • Sorabji's Music Criticism, Nazlin Bhimani
  • Sorabji's Other Writings, Paul Rapoport
  • Part Three, The Music
  • Sorabji's Piano Music, Michael Habermann
  • Performing Opus clavicembalisticum - Geoffrey Douglas Madge with Paul Rapoport
  • Splendour upon Splendour: On Hearing Sorabji Play, Frank Holliday
  • Un tessuto d'esecuzioni: A Register of Performances of Sorabji's Works, Marc-Andre Roberge
  • Perigraph - To Remember Sorabji's Music: A Short Conclusion - Kenneth Derus
  • Appendix 1 - The Texts of Sorabji's Vocal Music, Paul Rapoport
  • Appendix 2 - The Recordings of Sorabji's Music - Paul Rapoport
  • Appendix 3 - The Sorabji Music Archive, Alistair Hinton
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Sorabji's Compositions
  • General Index.