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The James Bond Songs: Pop Anthems of Late Capitalism

  • Author: Daub, Adrian
  • Author: Kronengold, Charles



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  • James Bond and the End(s) of the Pop Song
  • Chapter 1: At Skyfall: The Bond-Song, Repression, and Repetition
  • Chapter 2: A Golden Girl Knows: The Ballads of James Bond
  • Chapter 3: You Only Live Twice: James Bond and (his) Age
  • Chapter 4: When You've Got a Job to Do: The 70s
  • Chapter 5: We're an All Time High: James Bond, Pop, and the Endless 1970s
  • Chapter 6: Looking the Part: James Bond's New Wave Years
  • Chapter 7: Your Life is a Story I Have Already Written: The Gay Panic Years
  • Chapter 8: Close My Body Now: Bond's Traumas and the Compulsion to Repeat
  • James Bond Will Return In....
  • Index