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Alessandro and Domenico Scarlatti - Two Lives in One

  • Author: Pagano, Roberto



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  • List of Illustrations
  • Translator's Preface
  • Author's Preface
  • Prologue
  • I. the Scarlattino, alias the Sicilian
  • II. The Genius of Parthenope, the Glory of Sebeto, the Delight of Mergellina
  • III. Maecenas atavis edite regibus...
  • IV. ...a falling virtu
  • V. Palermo, with the universal indulgence of all the Virtuosi and Composers of Music...
  • VI. Eagle, whose Wings are grown
  • VII. Fugue for two voices, with some liberties
  • VIII. Polish Intermezzi - 1
  • IX. Polish Intermezzi - 2
  • X. A time of penitence and of darkness
  • Fugue in two voices with many artifices
  • XII. Roseingrave, Handel, and the devil
  • XIII. Bloodless disputes of courteous patrons, against the background of a war which only indirectly besieges Rome
  • XIV. et petisse, ut vellet, ipsum emancipare et a Patria potestate, et paternis nexibus liberare...
  • XV. Music, the solace of illustrious Souls... XVI. I believe that the waters of the Manzanares must be the waves of the Lethe...
  • Appendix: Scarlatti's Emancipation
  • Bibliography
  • Index