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Camille Saint-Saens and His World

  • Editor: Pasler, Jann



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  • Acknowledgments and Permissions viii
  • Introduction Deconstructing Saint-Saens xi
  • PART I SAINT-SAENS THE PERSON Camille Saint-Saens in (Semi-)Private 2 MITCHELL MORRIS Saint-Saens, The Playful 8 PAUL VIARDOT Inspired by the Skies? Saint-Saens, Amateur Astronomer 12 LEO HOUZIAUX Changes on the Moon, Optical Illusions, The Stars 17 CAMI
  • PART II SAINT-SAENS THE MUSICIAN Saint-Saens and the Performer's Prestige 56 DANA GOOLEY Le Ma'itre and the "Strange Woman," Marie Jaell: Two Virtuoso-Composers in Resonance 85 FLORENCE LAUNAY AND JANN PASLER Saint-Saens's Improvisations on the Organ (18
  • PART III SAINT-SAENS THE GLOBETROTTER Saint-Saens: The Traveling Musician 134 STEPHANE LETEURE Saint-Saens in Germany 142 MICHAEL STEGEMANN Saint-Saens in England: His Organ Symphony 161 SABINA TELLER RATNER Analytical and Historical Programme for His Ne
  • PART IV SAINT-SAENS, AESTHETICS PAST AND PRESENT What's in a Song? Saint-Saens's Melodies 210 ANNEGRET FAUSER Saint-Saens and the Ancient World: From Africa to Greece 232 JANN PASLER Saint-Saens, Writer 260 MAIRE-GABRIELLE SORET Saint-Saens and Rameau's
  • PART V SAINT-SAENS IN THE 20TH CENTURY Saint-Saens's Advocacy of Music Education in Elementary School 304 JANN PASLER Report of M. Saint-Saens 309 CAMILLE SAINT-SAENS Saint-Saens and the Future of Music 312 BYRON ADAMS AND JANN PASLER Musical Evolution 3
  • Index 405 Notes on the contributors 419