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Frank Zappa and the And

Frank Zappa and the And

  • Editor: Carr, P
a rigorously academic dissection - with copious footnotes, scrupulous cross-referencing, etc - of Zappa's creative idiolect ... a book that punches its intellectual weight with assiduous thoroughness...... More…



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  • Contents: Introduction, Paul Carr
  • Zappa and horror: screamin' at the monster, Richard J. Hand
  • Zappa and his cultural legacy: authorship, influences and expressive features in Frank Zappa's movies, Manuel de la Fuente
  • Zappa and religion: music is the best, Kevin Seal
  • Zappa and the razor: editing, sampling and musique concrete, James Gardner
  • Zappa and satire: from conceptual absurdism to the perversity of politics, Nick Awde
  • Zappa and resistance: the pleasure principle, Claude Chastagner
  • Zappa and the story-song: a rage of cultural influences, Geoffrey I. Wills
  • Zappa and technology: his incorporation of time, space and place in performing, composing and arranging music, Paul Carr
  • Zappa and the freaks: recording Wild Man Fischer, David Sanjek
  • Zappa and modernism: an extended study of 'Brown Shoes Don't Make It', Martin Knakkergaard
  • Zappa and the avant-garde: artifice/absorption/expression, Michel Delville
  • Zappa and mortality: the mediation of Zappa's death, Paula Hearsum
  • Bibliography
  • Index.