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Studies in the Music of Tomas Luis de Victoria

Studies in the Music of Tomas Luis de Victoria

  • Author: Cramer, Eugene Casjen



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  • Contents: Preface
  • The fallacy/illusion/delusion of internal evidence or a case of theft?: The Vidi speciosam A 8 in Rome, Biblioteca Casanatense, Ms. 2295
  • A re-evaluation of Victoria's application of the concept of parody/imitation in the Missae...Liber secundus (Rome, 1592)
  • The uses and re-uses of music: polyphonic interrelationships or intertextuality in the music of Victoria
  • Victoria and the FabordA(3)n/ Falsobordone
  • Compositional procedure in the passions of Victoria
  • Adding to the Victoria canon?
  • Victoria's psalm settings: A panorama of the musical styles in use in the late 16th century
  • An overview of Victoria's life and work
  • Musical supplements1-2-3
  • Works cited
  • Index.