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For The Love of Music: Invitations to Listening

  • Author: Rothe, Larry
  • Author: Steinberg, Michael P.



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  • Introduction
  • I. Beginnings
  • Michael Steinberg: How I Fell in Love with Music
  • Larry Rothe: Preliminary: The Professor's Legacy
  • II. Creations
  • Michael Steinberg: Another Word for Mozart
  • Michael Steinberg: Thinking of Robert Schumann
  • Larry Rothe: The Sacred, the Profane, and the Gritty Affirmations of Music
  • Michael Steinberg: Franz Schubert, A Rich Possession
  • Larry Rothe: Encountering Brahms
  • Michael Steinberg: Schoenberg, Brahms, and The Great Tradition
  • Larry Rothe: First-Rate Second-Class Composer
  • Larry Rothe: Sibelius and Mahler: What More Could There BE?
  • Michael Steinberg: Remembering Rachmaninoff
  • Larry Rothe: Erich Wolfgang Korngold: A Meditation
  • Michael Steinberg: Tchaikovsky's Mozart (and Others')
  • Larry Rothe: On the Trail of W.A. Mozart
  • Larry Rothe: What They Saw
  • Larry Rothe: A Short Life of J.S. Bach
  • Michael Steinberg: Stravinsky's Ear-stretching, Joy-giving Legacy
  • III. The Recent Scene
  • Michael Steinberg: A Visit with Lou Harrison
  • Larry Rothe: George Perle: Composing a Way of Life
  • Michael Steinberg: A Quintet for American Music
  • Larry Rothe: Three American Composers in Pursuit of the White Whale
  • Michael Steinberg: A Century Set to Music
  • IV. Missionaries
  • Michael Steinberg: Making America Musical: A Salute to Theodore Thomas
  • Larry Rothe: Sigmund Spaeth, Someone You Should Know
  • Michael Steinberg: Isaac Stern - On Music and Life
  • V. Affairs to Remember
  • Larry Rothe: Loving Memories of Movie Music
  • Larry Rothe: Vienna Trilogy: Vignettes from the City of Music
  • Larry Rothe: Music, True or False
  • Michael Steinberg: Why We Are Here
  • VI. Postlude
  • The Sounds We Make
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