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I Shot a Man in Reno: A History of Death by Murder, Suicide, Fire, Flood, Drugs, Disease and General Misadventure, as Related in Popular Song

  • Author: Thomson, Graeme
Through brilliant prose and exhaustive research, [Thomson] presents a potted cultural history which argues that songs about death reveal just as much about how we live... In addition to his own... More…



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  • Introduction
  • Prologue
  • 1. "Death Ain't Nothin' New" - Death in pre-1900 popular music
  • 2. With God on Our Side? - Disease, Flood and Famine in song
  • 3. Just a Shot Away: Murder - The representation of murder in song
  • 4. Helter Skelter: Songs That Kill - Inspiring people to murder
  • 5. Fixin' To Die - Drugs, Alcohol and Suicide in song
  • 6. Billy, Don't Be a Hero - Teen death songs
  • 7. In Memoriam - Eulogies and personal laments
  • 8. Who Wants To Live Forever? - The most popular songs at funerals
  • 9. The Sound of Music - conveying death through music alone
  • 10. Sweetness Follows: What Happens Next? - Looking at the afterlife in popular song
  • Epilogue: The 50 Greatest Death Songs.