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With Voice and Pen: Coming to Know Medieval Song and How it Was Made

  • Author: Treitler, Leo



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  • 1 Medieval Improvisation
  • 2 Written Music and Oral Music
  • 3 The Vatican Organum Treatise and the Organum of Notre Dame of Paris
  • 4 'Peripheral' and 'Central'
  • 5 On the Structure of the Alleluia Melisma: A Western Tendency in Western Chant
  • 6 Homer and Gregory: The Transmission of Epic Poetry and Plainchant
  • 7 'Centonate' Chant: Ubles Flickwerk or e pluribus unus?
  • 8 Lingering Questions about 'Oral Literature'
  • 9 The Politics of Reception: Tailoring the Present as Fulfilment of a Desired Past
  • 10 Oral, Written, and Literate Process in the Music of the Middle Ages
  • 11 Observations on the Transmission of Some Aquitanian Tropes
  • 12 History and the Ontology of the Musical Work
  • 13 The Early History of Music Writing in the West
  • 14 Reading and Singing: On the Genesis of Occidental Music-Writing
  • 15 Speaking of Jesus
  • 16 Medieval Music and Language
  • 17 The Marriage of Poetry and Music in Medieval Song