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Black Sabbath and Philosophy - Mastering Reality

Black Sabbath and Philosophy - Mastering Reality

  • Editor: Irwin, William



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  • Introduction What Is This That Stands Before Me? x
  • Acknowledgments They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll xii
  • Part I Necessary Evil 1 1 Beyond Good and Evil: Facing Your Demons With Black Sabbath and Existentialism 3 William Irwin 2 Masters of a Better Possible Reality: Conquering Evil With Love 12 Liz Stillwaggon Swan 3 Is It the End, My Friend? Black Sabbath s
  • Part II Playing Devil s Advocate 31 4 Black Sabbath and the Sound of Evil 33 Joel McIver 5 The Worst of All Possible Worlds: Schopenhauer Meets Sabbath 41 James Heathers 6 Tony Iommi s Hand of Doom: From Plastic Fingertips to Creative Freedom 51 Ken Pepp
  • Part III The Dark Art of Metal 61 7 The Art of Black Sabbath: Aristotle Joins the Band 63 Greg Littmann 8 Black Sabbath and the Problem of Defining Metal 76 Soren R. Frimodt-Moller 9 Saint Vitus Dance: The Art of Doom 87 Manuel Bremer and Daniel Cohnitz
  • Part IV Is It Still Sabbath Without Ozzy? 111 11 It s Not Sabbath Unless Ozzy s the Singer (But It s Fine If You Disagree) 113 James Bondarchuk 12 Fightin Words: Sabbath Doesn t Need the Ozzman 126 Wesley D. Cray 13 The Name Remains the Same But Should I
  • Part V Symptoms of The Universe 149 14 Wicked World: The Politics of the Supernatural in Black Sabbath 151 Erich Christiansen 15 Demons, Dreamers, and Madmen : Is Ozzy Going Insane? 163 Kevin McCain 16 As the War Machine Keeps Turning : Just War Theory,
  • Contributors Children of the Grave 190
  • Index The Writ 195